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“savory and a little bit addictive.”

- Kelly Jones, Portland Notes

"What Avalanche Lily does, thankfully, is transport me back to that same period of the early 1990s where so many pop genres blended together which resulted in a general broadening of young minds."

- Marc Phillips, The Vinyl Anachronist


“Dream Horizon is a breezy delight from start to finish, sounding almost like a lost 90’s successor those C86 bands that some record collector geek might discover and lose his mind over. Like a burr that sticks to your wool jacket in the fall, this music is covered all over in tiny hooks."

-Matt Dinaro, Rock and Roll Portland Oregon

 "Avalanche Lily delivers a vibrant sound that shimmers with harmonies and spare instrumentation punctuated by delicate glockenspiel and syncopated beats. Cyndy Chan (bass, vox), Ramune Nagisetty (guitar, vox) and Jen Harrison (drums, glockenspiel) play minimalist-pop originals and obscure, yet formative, punk and indie hits. Their voices merge and lift, bringing the audience to a gorgeous place where time stops and heartbeats synchronize."

-Vortex Magazine

We have played at Skamania Lodge, the Aloft Hotel, the Portland Saturday Market, Slim's, the Firkin Tavern, business events, and private parties. Our debut EP, Dream Horizon, is available for streaming. Upcoming gigs are posted here.

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