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Avalanche Lily's debut EP, Dream Horizon, was released on the Spring Equinox, March 20, 2017.

It is available for streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, SoundCloud, etc.

Cyndy Chan:  Bass, glockenspiel, and vocals

Ramune Nagisetty:  Guitar and vocals

Recorded, engineered, and produced by Matt Jefferson at Pellucid Studios and Black Diamond Studios

Mastered by Nettleingham Audio

Songs written by:

Astronaut:  Scott T Williams

Fantasy:  Ramune Nagisetty

What If:  Ramune Nagisetty and Kenneth Paul Foust

So We Create a Tour De Force of Minimal Proportions:  Andres Caputo

Artwork:  Cyndy Chan with contributions from Ember and Ramune

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